Alexa Rankings have improved

Alexa tracks website traffic and world rankings for the websites. Over the past years, it has improved a lot and many web companies now reply more on Alexa's Data than any other web tracking service. This explains why so many webmasters have the Alexa Widget on their website/blog - to get better rankings.

If you are wondering how does the Alexa widget looks like, here is how it looks.

On Apr 17, 2008, we noticed some major changes in Alexa Web Rankings. Many websites were dropped in rankings by somewhat close to 100,000. Our website was also affected however, you can see the current rankings in the above widget.

Websites like PayPal and Digital Point Forums were also affected as well. Some webmasters believed that Alexa's ranking had gone wrong. However, they have improved a lot over the years and now, many webmasters reply on the data provided by Alexa before buying or selling a site.

On the other hand, the lower the Alexa Rank you have, the better it is. The best way to decrease your Alexa rank is by having an Alexa widget on your site. You can also notice an increase or decrease in your rank by visiting Alexa.Com

If you notice your Alexa Rank Jumping Up and Down, it's probably because you had different numbers of visitors each day.

How to Increase Your Alexa Rank?

  • Most Importantly install the alexa toolbar, which you can get from their official website.

  • Add the Alexa rank widget in your website


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